Mock-up of what's next...

Did something different this evening. Created a mock-up for the next game I'm planning on working on. I'd originally only planned to do a static screen, but making it animated was too easy to pass up.

Essentially, this is meant to be a mobile, randomly generated RPG of the dungeon crawler variety. With a minor twist.  It's planned to be quick to pick up, and easy to play on mobile devices (tablets and phones).  It should be friendly enough for casual folks to be able to dig in, too.

DISCLAIMER: I borrowed some graphics and textures from various public domain sources. Absolutely nothing here represents anything except attempting to visualize what might be. The graphic style presented here, especially, is essentially pieced together at random from whatever I could find.  I do have a specific look and setting for this game in mind, and this isn't really it.

More on this later.