Whack-a-Burster (Final, Post LD48 Revision)

I finally decided I'd put enough time and effort into polishing up my Ludum Dare #29 game jam entry, Whack-a-Burster.  

Give it a shot over on Itch.io: fortyseven.itch.io/whack-a-burster

It's been a fun and extremely educational experience, but it's time to move on.  There's still some rough edges, but it's come a long way from this:

to this:

Picked up a lot of skills (working with shaders, etc), most importantly working with Blender to create new models.

While I replaced most of the found or Asset Store art with hand-crafted objects, there still remain some things not created by me.  The texture on the soldier was revised a bit, but the mesh is still the original one from the Asset Store.  The terrific UI graphics on the control panel and walls were taken from a website showcasing graphics from the movie Prometheus.  The texture on the planet was taken from a pack of planet textures obtained elsewhere.  And of course, things like flares on the laser and so forth are stock Unity assets.

Other than obvious bug fixes, and possibly the addition of a crosshair cursor (it's easy to get lost, visually), I'm done with this and I'm about to move on to more important projects that have been waiting.  I also hope to be participating in the MiniLD #53 this weekend!